Just a place to keep some things

Slide Finisher

The Slide Finisher is a small program that works alongside Microsoft PowerPoint 2003-2010 to add some extra helpful features to a presentation, such as:
  • A highly customisable presentation progress bar
  • Dynamically linked customisable summary slides
  • Hidden appendix slides (for when you want to have on hand slides and data that are not part of the presentation)
  • Automatically applied design templates


Lab Programming

The Gravimetric Rig is a rig that has been remade and repurposed many times. Currently it determines the weight of a sample suspended on a quartz spring when exposed to various adsorbates at various pressures by observing the displacement made with an optical telecopic microscope.

The microscope feed on the desktop is analysed by my VB.Net program and a postion is tracked and logged in an Excel worksheet. Each data point has its own worksheet, and a summary function graphs the data points of all available sheets with calculated standard error.


The Single Gas Permeation Rig tests the permeation of one gas at a time through sample membranes. This is done by maintaining a pressurised gas on one side of a membrane while vacuuming the other side, the vacuum side of known volume is then closed and the rate at which the vacuumed side rises in pressure is directly related to the permeability of the membrane.

My custom program tracks the raw voltages of the pressure transducers on both sides of the membrane with time, finally creating an Excel graph of the permation as the experiment is conducted. Each data point is saved as an Excel sheet and a summary function can graph all sheets.